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Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink Is Now Generally Available

Today, we're thrilled to announce Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink, a new integration that enables customers to seamlessly and securely connect Heroku Postgres databases in Private Spaces to resources in one or more Amazon VPCs. Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink connections are secure and stable by default because traffic to and from Heroku Postgres stays on the Amazon private network; once a PrivateLink is set up, there is no brittle networking configuration to manage. As always, security and trust are top of mind with everything we do at Heroku.


The ability to configure Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink is already enabled on all private Postgres plans. It's also included at no additional charge and available in all six Private Spaces global regions.

Built for the Next Generation of Data-driven Development

App architectures are increasing in complexity. The number of data sources and use cases is growing too. Likewise, the ecosystem of solution components is expanding in depth and breadth. What's missing is a way to securely and seamlessly integrate these app and data resources.

Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink allows customers to use data and resources in both Heroku and AWS. This makes Heroku Postgres an even more powerful presence in distributed app architectures:

  • Developers can now create more scalable and secure external connections to Heroku Postgres. Avoid the time-intensive, non-scalable process of hardcoding trusted allowlist IPs, managing an internet gateway, and configuring firewall proxies.
  • Developers can now build more sophisticated app architectures that combine resources running on Heroku and AWS. Anything that runs in an Amazon VPC is now accessible to Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink.
  • Developers can now access complimentary AWS resources for use cases like OLAP, archive, and more, all directly from Heroku Postgres. These same AWS resources can write back to Heroku Postgres to enrich and increase the value of CRM data.

Extending the Value of Heroku Postgres

Heroku Postgres sits at the heart of most apps deployed on Heroku because it's deeply integrated with three key developer workflows:

First, the “app plus Postgres database” integration is the original design pattern that drove the first decade of cloud development. It remains a key driver in helping developers scale from an emerging startup to a high-growth company to a massive enterprise on Heroku.

Second, the Salesforce CRM data integration with Heroku Postgres is the next design pattern that enables developers to build highly-personalized apps and experiences. The bi-directional sync of Heroku Connect makes it possible to securely and seamlessly work with and enrich Salesforce CRM data in Heroku.

Finally, the Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink integration is the emerging design pattern that unlocks an ecosystem of data resources. With this release, we are providing customers greater architectural choice for building data-centric applications.

We are looking forward to more integrations on the way.

Integrate in Four Steps

The entire process takes about 20 minutes for resources to be created on Heroku and AWS:

  1. Start with a Heroku Private Space, an app running in it with an attached private Heroku Postgres database, and an Amazon VPC.
  2. On Heroku, create the PrivateLink endpoint on your Heroku Postgres database and associate it with your AWS Account ID. That's it. Choose from the CLI or Heroku Dashboard.
  3. On AWS, configure the security group, create the PrivateLink endpoint in your VPC, enter the Service Name created in step two, and apply the security group.
  4. On AWS, find the VPC Endpoint connection URL and the corresponding connection string for your Postgres database. You can now use this connection string to connect the applications in your Amazon VPC to your private Heroku Postgres database.

Feedback Welcome

We hope you enjoy using this new feature as much as we enjoyed building it, and we can't wait to see what you do with it. Existing Heroku Enterprise customers can get started today. For more information on Heroku Postgres via PrivateLink, see the Dev Center article, or contact Heroku. Please send any feedback our way.

Originally published: May 22, 2019

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