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Heroku Integration with Amazon Q Developer Command Line

Today, we’re announcing the integration of the Heroku CLI with Amazon Q Developer. This integration, a result of our expanded Salesforce/AWS partnership, enables Amazon Q Developer command line suggestions of Heroku commands. This integration empowers Heroku users to auto-complete commands, thereby saving time and eliminating error-prone manual configurations of apps.

Developers configure and manage their applications through a command line interface (CLI), especially during development when working within their integrated development environment (IDE). Heroku apps can be deployed in many different ways, and all that flexibility can be controlled through the CLI. This results in thousands of command options and flag combinations, and it's nearly impossible to remember them all and what they do. Searching through documentation pages and scrolling through dozens of flags and options to figure things out takes time.

With our new integration with Amazon Q, we are offering suggestions on how to complete any heroku CLI command. This new feature eliminates the need for Heroku users to remember or look up the exact CLI flag and/or syntax to execute the proper command.

The image below demonstrates how Amazon Q Developer predicts the next argument in the heroku addons:create -a command. Command completion here recognizes the addons:create command as well as the -a flag, and creates a prompt with the available apps to complete the command.


Amazon Q Developer predicts commands from any terminal window, including terminals launched within VS Code. Amazon Q Developer is part of the AWS Toolkit for Visual Studio Code, which offers additional developer productivity tools for software development and deployment of all AWS services.


The integration of Amazon Q Developer with Heroku CLI is a testament to the collaborative efforts of Salesforce and AWS to bring our customers the best developer experience possible. It's available for download and use right now. We encourage you to try it and share your thoughts or suggestions for enhancing the Heroku CLI and developer experience. You can explore this feature in our public roadmap on GitHub and submit an issue to contribute to the ongoing development.

Originally published: May 17, 2024

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