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Win a MacBook Air with Heroku + IndexTank

We’re very excited about the growth of the add-on ecosystem following the launch of the provider program — with dozens of add-ons in various stages of release, our developers have access to a wide variety of functionality for their applications. One of the most recent additions to the generally-available add-on catalog is IndexTank, a real-time search-as-a-service with some great features.

In order to celebrate their release, IndexTank is sponsoring a contest over the holiday season. From last week until January 6th, they’re inviting developers to build the best app they can using the IndexTank add-on. You can see the full details over on IndexTank’s blog, but the TL;DR of it is: build something awesome on Heroku with the IndexTank add-on (they’re offering their $300/month plan for free during the contest) and submit it for judging.

If you don’t have a huge dataset to work with, they’ve also got some great suggestions — everything from the Twitter firehose and Wikipedia to open government data from Sunlight Labs. As for prizes, they’re giving away a Macbook Air, a USB mini-monitor, and a t-shirt with a working guitar on it(!).

Sneak away from the family for a little while over the holidays and make something great — get started today!

Originally published: December 20, 2010

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