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Introducing the General Availability of Performance Dynos in Europe

Since day one, developers from all over the world have been deploying apps on Heroku, and we’re extremely proud of the strong global community we’ve built. Our European customers in particular have asked for the ability to deploy applications geographically close to their European customer base so they can offer a better user experience with more responsive apps. In 2013 we launched 1X and 2X dynos in Europe to meet this demand. Today we’re pleased to announce the general availability of Performance Dynos in our European region.

The availability of Performance Dynos in Europe provides the flexibility needed to build and run large-scale, high-performance apps. Performance Dynos are highly isolated from workloads in other dynos and contain 12 times the memory of a single Heroku Dyno, resulting in significantly faster and more consistent response times.

Deploying apps in the Heroku EU region can reduce latency by 100ms or more for European users, improving responsiveness and application experience. With the launch of Performance Dynos in Europe, highly scaled apps can reach even greater improvements. We also have 110 Heroku Add-ons available in the EU region to extend application functionality. All these EU region services are managed by the same unified Heroku interface that you are already familiar with, and there is no difference in pricing from our US region.

Growth of Heroku in Europe

Ranging from small EU-based startups to international Fortune 500 enterprises, we’ve seen strong adoption of Heroku in Europe. In 2014, the number of apps deployed in Heroku’s Europe Region increased by nearly 180%. This includes great companies like Toyota Motor Europe and Sweden’s largest commercial television company, TV4.

When the TV4 team moved their first web apps from the US region to the European region, they immediately saw 150 ms improvements in web performance. Today, TV4 deploys all their Heroku apps to the EU region and are taking full advantage of Performance Dynos to deliver the very best user experience to their customers.

It is more important than ever to build responsive apps that react to customer actions in milliseconds. Heroku is committed to sustained investment in Europe and beyond to ensure that you have the geographic deployment options you need to meet this goal.

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Originally published: December 04, 2014

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