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Crane: Heroku's new $50 per month production database

Last week we launched our dev plan, a free database designed for development and testing. Today, we are launching into public beta two new plans: Crane and Kappa. These plans are part of our production tier, offering the same monitoring, operations, support, and data protection features as our more expensive plans.

Crane is available for $50 per month and features a 400 mb cache. Kappa is $100 per month and features a 800 mb cache. They can be provisioned immediately via the Heroku Postgres website or via our command line tool:

$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:crane

Use Cases

A crane flying

Crane and Kappa make Heroku Postgres' fully managed database service available to a much wider audience. They deliver on the promise of cloud-services, allowing apps to start small and scale-up when necessary. They benefit from the same underlying durability, monitoring, and productivity features available to every production database.

What's Included

Crane and Kappa support all of the features of our existing production plans:

Beta Period

As beta services, Crane and Kappa are subject to decreased stability and unexpected problems. Caution should be exercised when using them for important applications. While in beta there is no charge for the plans, however they will incur charges as soon as they are released into general availability (notice will be provided to all beta users prior to GA release).

Try crane or kappa out today:

$ heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:crane

And please send any feedback on the plans to dod-feedback@heroku.com, @herokupostgres or file a support ticket if you encounter any difficulties.

Originally published: May 08, 2012

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