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Concurrency is not Parallelism. Rob Pike at Waza 2012 [video]

In planning Waza 2013 we went back to reflect on last year’s speakers. And we want to make the talks readily available to anybody who could not make it last year—or who wants a refresher. Check back soon for more talks from Waza 2012. And we hope to see you in person at Waza 2013 coming up FAST on Feb. 28 in San Francisco.

In a world of evolving languages, frameworks and development patterns, we developers must continually improve our craft. Innovative developers already have jumped on board many of these shifts. We’ve seen this with the adoption of more agile frameworks (such as Rails, Django, and Play). We’ve seen it too with a shift towards asynchronous programming patterns such as in Node.js and with evented programming in Rails.

One clear example of this evolution is the re-emergence of a focus on concurrency.

Rob Pike—with the help of a few gophers—gave this fantastic educational talk on concurrency at last year’s Heroku waza conference. Rob covered big themes that are important to developers—speed, efficiency and productivity. And he covered parallelism and concurrency in programming processes—making it very clear that they are not the same thing. If you want to click through Rob’s slides while watching, they are hosted here.

Rob is a software pioneer. His influence is everywhere: Unix, Plan 9 OS, The Unix Programming Environment book, UTF-8, and most recently the Go programming language.

Waza is the Japanese word for art and technique and it's where we celebrate craft and the creative process of software development with technical sessions and interactive artistic happenings.

Go gophers concurrent procedure illustration

Originally published: February 24, 2013

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