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Bundles Deprecation

Recently we announced the release of PG Backups, our new database backup service. Since then, PG Backups has seen rapid adoption and has been successfully managing the backups of a large and growing number of our production customers.

Today we are announcing the deprecation of Bundles. Although Bundles has served the Heroku community well, we have found that it doesn’t scale to adequately meet the needs of the larger, more complex applications running on Heroku today.

We encourage all of our users to migrate their application backup strategy to PG Backups as soon as possible.

Starting today (November 30, 2010) we will no longer allow the Bundles add-on to be added to applications. Applications that already have Bundles installed will continue to function normally.

On February 1, 2011, Bundles will cease capturing new backups. By this time all active applications on Heroku should have switched to using PG Backups to backup their data.

Backups made with Bundles will continue to be available until April 4, 2011. After that time users will no longer be able to download or restore from Bundles-based backups. Please download any backups that you wish to permanently archive prior to this date.

Originally published: December 01, 2010

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