We’re thrilled to launch our new Heroku Postgres Essential database plans. These plans have pgvector support, no row count limits, and come with a 32 GB option. We deliver exceptional transactional query performance with Amazon Aurora as the backing infrastructure. One of our beta customers said:

“The difference was noticeable right from the start. Heroku Postgres running on Aurora delivered a boost in speed, allowing us to query and process our data faster.”

Our Heroku Postgres Essential plans are the quickest, easiest, and most economical way to integrate a SQL database with your Heroku application. You can use these fully managed databases for a wide range of applications, such as...

We’re pleased to introduce the pgvector extension on Heroku Postgres. In an era where large language models (LLMs) and AI applications are paramount, pgvector provides the essential capability for performing high-dimensional vector similarity searches. This allows Heroku Postgres to quickly find similar data points in complex data, which is great for applications like recommendation systems and prompt engineering for LLMs. As of today, pgvector is fully compatible with all Production-tier databases running Postgres 15 at no additional charge and you can get started with a simple CREATE EXTENSION vector; command in your client session. In this post, we look at how you can use pgvector and...

Introducing New Heroku Postgres Plans

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Sometimes your data grows and requires a bigger disk without a need for more compute or memory. Previously, our offerings were a bit too inflexible. We also didn’t want to limit our largest database at 4TB.

We released new Heroku Postgres plans that give you more flexibility when scaling up your database storage needs on Heroku. We heard from our customers that they want to be able to upgrade disk space without adding other resources like vCPU or memory. In response, we created new L and XL plans with increased disk limits for premium , private , and shield tiers at the -6 and -9 levels.

These new plans continue to have the same compute, memory, and IOPS characteristics as other plans...

Announcing PostgreSQL 15 on Heroku

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We are excited to announce that Postgres version 15 is now generally available! The developers of Postgres release a new version around October every year, and we aim to release it on Heroku Postgres each Q1. Additionally, we track Postgres end-of-life dates to ensure that our service and our customers are always on the latest supported releases.

If you are new to Heroku, great! Your new database defaults to Postgres 15. If you already have a Heroku Postgres database on an older version, we make the upgrade process simple. And if you are still on one of the deprecated versions, such as 9.6 and 10, we urge you to upgrade off of them as soon as possible. We strongly recommend using the...

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