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Backstory: A Fiery Debate

Writing a user model and the standard login authentication code seems like busywork to a lot of coders. In fact, many people expected a next-generation app framework such as Rails to handle this for you. After all, Django does. Initially the login engine for Rails seemed to fill this slot, but following a fair amount of controversy over best practices, the login engine was killed by its creator.

With our BDfL having forever cursed prebuilt login systems, the Rails community mostly stopped trying to make them. Yet, this puts us back at square one: developers are annoyed at the amount of boilerplate busywork that is necessary for almost every web app they write.


View-Only Users


There are now two access levels for collaborators on Heroku apps:

  • Full edit access, which allows access to everything: editing code, importing or exporting the database, changing the settings, etc.
  • View-only access, which allows the user to view the app only. That is, they can visit the app url ( but not any of the settings pages or the edit url (

Collaborator access levels

For example, a client who wants to use the app but neither needs nor wants access to the code could be set as a view-only user.

If your app sharing is set to public, the view-only access level has no use.

Do note that these settings have no effect on users changing your app’s data through the...

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