Heroku at Rubyconf

Rubyconf is upon us, and most of engineering team will be present in Orlando this week.

If you’re attending, or maybe just nearby, this would be a great opportunity to say hi and/or ask those burning questions you’ve got about Heroku. Whether you’re wondering if Heroku will be a good fit for your needs, or have questions about a currently hosted app, we’re happy to make time for you. Just email us here and we’ll find a time/place to talk.

Last but not least, don’t forget to catch Adam and Blake presenting on Lighweight Web Services with Sinatra and Restclient on Friday at 1:15pm.

See you there!

Heroku at Railsconf

If you’re coming to Railsconf this weekend, definitely come by and see us – we’ve got a lot going on:

Orion, Morten, James, and Adam are speaking about why Heroku means never thinking about hosting or servers again on Saturday at 1:50pm.

Adam is speaking about HTTP routing and Custom Nginx Modules on Saturday at 2:50pm.

And James is speaking about the Rails stack, Rack, and advanced Mongrel on Sunday at 10:45am.

Heroku’s got a big booth in the exhibit hall, where we’ll be hanging out, hacking, answering questions, and giving away swag.

We’re also going to be hosting Geoffrey Grosenbach recording podcast interviews, live from our couch. He’s got several awesome interviews lined up:

Friday, Lunch — Ryan Singer of 37signals
Friday, 3:40pm — GitHub Founders
Saturday, Lunch — Phusion Passenger (mod_rails)
Saturday, 3:40pm — Adam Keys interviews Geoffrey

Come by and check it out.

Heroku & Redpoint Ventures

We are happy this morning to announce we’ve raised a $3 million round of funding, from Redpoint Ventures and some other great investors.

Adam, Orion, and I started Heroku with the goal of making software development much easier and more accessible. We’ve got big plans – what we’ve done so far is really just the first step. There is so much we’ve been dying to do, but we just haven’t had the capacity.

This investment will allow us to beef up our current offerings, expand into other parts of the development process, and build out the company to support our quickly growing developer community.

This deal has been in the works for a few months, and we’re just so excited to have both the financial resources and partners like Redpoint to help us realize our vision.

In the meantime, our private beta is really rocking. We now have over 10,000 developers building apps on the platform, with over 12,000 apps built so far. This enormous amount of activity is really helping us to hone Heroku into a smooth and sharp tool, and we look forward to opening up the beta in the coming months.

We can’t wait to unveil some of the stuff we’ve got in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Quote (Adam to investors):
“I’m not coming to any board meetings earlier than 3pm.”
Quote (James to investors):
“Who’s the CEO? Well, I lost rock-paper-scissors, so I guess that’s me.”
Quote (Orion to investors):
“Can I get some of that in quarters? My laundry is really starting to pile up.”

More coverage: VentureBeat, TechCrunch

Heroku Mailing List

Heroku now has a mailing list on Google Groups. Stop by and introduce yourself, but first read the welcome post.

Rails Hosting: Easy as Pie

Yesterday, DHH said:

“I’d love for Rails to be easy as pie to run in a shared hosting environment, though. I’d love for Rails to be easy as pie to run in any environment. In that ‘more people could have fun learning Rails and deploying their first hobby application’ kind of way.”

We humbly suggest that Heroku is one possible solution to the latter part of statement. Our vision for the long term is much grander than just a learning/hobby tool; but our beta product, as it stands today, can already fill this need quite nicely.

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