2X Dynos in Public Beta


A dyno, the unit of computing power on Heroku, is a lightweight container running a single user-specified command. Today we’re announcing a dyno with twice the capacity: 2X dynos.

2X Dynos

Existing dynos are now called 1X dynos. They come with 512MB of memory and 1x CPU share. They cost $0.05/hr. 2X dynos are exactly what their name implies: 1GB of memory and twice the CPU share for $0.10/hr. To support the growth of current and future apps on the platform, you can now control your dyno resources on two axes: size and quantity.

Let’s try them out.

Getting started with 2X dynos

Using the Heroku Toolbelt, resize your dynos with the resize command:

$ heroku ps:resize web=2X worker=1X Resizing...

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