Heroku has a strong tradition with open source projects. Engineers have dedicated countless hours to the projects that developers count on every day. Open Source Software is in our DNA.

Speaking personally, I’m passionate about building tools like AFNetworking and cupertino, in order to help developers build insanely great experiences for mobile devices. It’s with great pleasure that I introduce something new I’ve been working on:

Helios is an open-source framework that provides essential back-end services for iOS apps. This includes data synchronization, push notifications, in-app purchases, and passbook integration. It allows developers to get a client-server app up-and-running while...

Postgres.app is the easiest way to get started developing with Postgres on the Mac. Open the app, and you have a local Postgres database ready and awaiting new connections. Close the app, and the server shuts down. It is available for free download today, and will be available on the Mac App Store pending Apple's approval.

Postgres.app Icon

Postgres.app is designed so that most common programming libraries can find and it and link to it automatically - making it the easiest way to develop against Postgres on a Mac.

It comes with the most popular Postgres libraries and extensions available right "out of the box" including:

Today has been a very good day for Postgres.

We here at Heroku love Postgres, and we aren't afraid to show it. Here's how three different Herokai showed their PG love in three awesome ways in the last 24 hours:

Postgres.app is the easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac. Just open the app, and you have a server up and running with Postgres 9.1 and PostGIS 2.0. PostgreSQL has not been the easiest things to install--especially for new developers--so we see Postgres.app as an important step in making the world's best database more accessible to everyone. Postgres.app was created by Mattt Thompson, and launched in beta today. It will soon be available as a free download in the...


Heroku users are known for leading jet-setter lifestyles. It's true! Developers with refined, sophisticated tastes git push to the cloud in order to appreciate the finer things of life: foreign cinema, travel to exotic destinations, and focusing on development instead of configuring system infrastructure.

So it's only natural that Heroku developers on-the-go reach for Nezumi.

Nezumi is a paid 3rd-party iPhone app created by Marshall Huss that allows you to scale dynos, restart apps, and so much more--perfect for when you're away from your computer. Its latest release adds support for Cedar applications, multiple accounts, a revamped console and log viewer, and a sleek, new...

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