Introducing a New How Heroku Works

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Humans, in their quest for knowledge, have always wanted to know how things work.

We sit in our bedrooms, kitchens and garages pulling things apart with eager hands, examining the bits with a glimmer in our eye as our fingers turn them around and around, wondering what they do, how they do what they do–hoping that everything still works without that pretty residual part that no longer seems to fit.

Introducing How Heroku Works

How Heroku Works follows this well trodden path. It dissects the platform, laying its innards bare upon the table, letting us gather around and look at what's inside.

Look here, and see the muscular router pumping packets to and fro. Look there, and see the...

The Heroku Changelog

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The Heroku Changelog is a feed of all public-facing changes to the Heroku runtime platform. While we announce all major new features via the Heroku blog, we're making small improvements all the time. When any of those improvements have any user-visible impact, you'll find them in the changelog.

Some recent examples of posts to the changelog include new versions of the Heroku CLI, a new error code, and changes to logging.

To get the latest on changes like these, visit the Heroku Changelog, or subscribe via feed or Twitter.

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