We continuously use support data to identify high impact issues in our platform. Over the past couple of weeks in July, we reduced the volume of support inquiries related to Heroku Postgres by over a third — even as overall usage of the product increased. In this post, we'll tell you that story and a bit about how we do support here at Heroku.

Identifying High-Impact Support Issues

The way we approach customer support at Heroku is two-fold. On the surface, we’re here to answer your questions and help you fix issues with your apps. We also play an integral role advocating our customers’ needs within the company. The best support is the one you don't have to use, and as such, we...

Whether you’re building your initial prototype or running a large scale profitable business, there will be times where you will have questions about building, maintaining, or troubleshooting your application. One of our goals is to help make your business successful by empowering you to build quality software with best practices, clear documentation on a stable erosion-resistant platform. When in doubt, there are several channels here at Heroku available to help you get the support you need.

Getting Started

Brand new to development or just new to Heroku there’s a place for you in the Dev Center. As you’re getting started you likely want to setup your application so you can get better...

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