Heroku Joins CNCF as a Platinum Member

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Heroku is joining the CNCF at the platinum level, upgrading the long-held CNCF Salesforce membership. This marks my third time serving on the CNCF board for different companies, and I’m excited to participate again. Joining the CNCF at the Platinum level signifies a major commitment, reflecting Heroku’s dedication to the evolving landscape.

My three board stints aligns with significant shifts in the cloud-native landscape. Two are behind us, one is happening now, and it’s the current one that motivated us to join now. Quick preview: It’s not the AI shift going on right now - the substrate underlying AI/ML shifted to Kubernetes a while ago.

As to why we are joining and why now, let’s take...

Heroku Feedback and News - Q1 Edition

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We have a saying around the Heroku team thanks to our awesome engineering leader Gail Frederick. She reminds us of this often: “Feedback is a gift”. These are words we try to live by both internally and with our customers.

Feedback: What is Heroku investing in? What has shipped?

We had a very busy 2022! We just published the product retrospective for last year here.

You’ve given us really positive feedback on the openness of our public roadmap, and many customers have told us they love it. Our top voted ideas around more fine grained security features, GitHub integration and larger compute and data plans are now integral to our roadmap planning. We will continue to use and refine this....

Heroku is Hiring!

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While it is a little unusual for us to share a hiring post on our product blog, I’ve been asked about our investment in Heroku repeatedly, so we want shine the spotlight on our efforts to grow the team.

We are hiring for both product and engineering, from developers to engineering managers working across our product suite, including Runtime, API, DX, and our Data products. Additionally, we have opened roles in our Research, TPM, Documentation, and Product Management teams. Check out all our open roles.

Our public roadmap continues to evolve, and I am delighted to see significant customer engagement there. Please do come participate with us there in the open. With the introduction of our...

Heroku’s Next Chapter

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Back in May, I wrote about my enthusiasm to be part of the Heroku story, and I remain just as passionate today about helping write the next chapter. I’ve had many customer meetings over the past few months, and the theme is consistent — you want to know where we are taking Heroku. We want to be clear: The priority going forward is to support customers of all sizes who are betting projects, careers, and businesses on Heroku. These are companies like PensionBee, who help people manage their pensions; MX, who help small businesses with loans; Furnished Quarters, who built a portal for corporate clients booking short-term rentals; and EIGENSONNE, who built an app to connect with their...

April 2022 Incident Review

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We have concluded our investigation and want to provide our customers with an overview of the threat actor’s actions, direct mitigations we have taken because of this incident, and additional changes we will make in the face of a continually evolving threat landscape. Our incident summary outlines what we have learned during the course of our investigation starting on April 13, 2022, and ending May 30, 2022. This incident summary and numerous actions we’ve taken to add to our overall security posture is part of our ongoing commitment to maintain your trust.

On April 13, 2022, GitHub notified Salesforce of a potential security issue, kicking off our investigation into this incident. Less...

We've Heard Your Feedback

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I started as Heroku GM a few weeks ago with intense enthusiasm to be a part of such a storied team. As you might expect, the last few weeks have not been what I would have imagined. But, contrary to what you might expect, I’m energized.

I’ve been deeply impressed by the skills and dedication of the Heroku team, and the commitment of Salesforce to Trust as our #1 value. I’m also energized because it is clear that the Heroku team does not stand alone inside Salesforce. To respond to this incident, Salesforce colleagues from around the company have augmented the Heroku team in every way possible. The Heroku team and their colleagues have worked around the clock, including nights and...

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