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Throughout the year we participate in a lot of conferences, hackathons, meet-ups, educational programs, and open source projects. At each and every one, we are inspired by the accomplishments, projects, and people we get to meet there. We welcome the opportunity to talk to you about your projects, answer your questions and share some awesome Heroku swag. If you see us at an event, please stop by and say "Hi."

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How We Use Heroku Postgres Dataclips to Drive Our Business

Heroku Postgres brings the Heroku flow to your database, offering safe and straightforward provisioning, scaling, development and collaboration. Traditionally, generating and sharing data from within databases has been inconvenient and challenging. What if you could safely and easily capture and share the data you need to drive your business?

Dataclips, available on all Heroku Postgres production and starter databases, let you run SQL queries against your data and share the results in an easy, visual way with your team members.

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Improving Heroku Postgres with Support Data

We continuously use support data to identify high impact issues in our platform. Over the past couple of weeks in July, we reduced the volume of support inquiries related to Heroku Postgres by over a third — even as overall usage of the product increased. In this post, we'll tell you that story and a bit about how we do support here at Heroku.

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Video and Slides: Optimizing Production Apps on Heroku

On July 31st, our customer advocate team presented the second webcast in a two-part series on production apps on Heroku. In case you missed it, the recording and slides are below. This second session is designed for an audience familiar with Heroku basics and covers:

  • Using a CDN to increase app performance
  • How to manage the asset pipeline
  • Using heroku-pg-extras to gain visibility into database performance
  • How to manage database migrations
  • How to use a database follower for transactional and analytics database reads
  • How to set up caching with Heroku add-ons
  • Useful labs features
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A Tour of Dashboard

When you sign into Heroku from your browser, you’re in the Heroku Dashboard. Dashboard is a personalized, interactive command center for all of your apps on Heroku. It provides simple visibility and management for app status, activity, resources, add-ons, collaborators, and other critical aspects of your app. You can also use it to manage all information about your Heroku account – from SSH keys to past invoices. In this post, we take a quick tour through Dashboard and some of its recent new features, including production check and notifications.

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