When API requests are made one-after-the-other they'll quickly hit rate limits and when that happens:

That tweet spawned a discussion that generated a quest to add rate throttling logic to the platform-api gem that Heroku maintains for talking to its API in Ruby.

If the term "rate throttling" is new to you, read Rate limiting, rate throttling, and how they work together

The Heroku API uses Genetic Cell Rate Algorithm (GCRA) as described by...

Over the last few years, GraphQL has emerged as a very popular API specification that focuses on making data fetching easier for clients, whether the clients are a front-end or a third-party.

In a traditional REST-based API approach, the client makes a request, and the server dictates the response:

$ curl https://api.heroku.space/users/1 { "id": 1, "name": "Luke", "email": "luke@heroku.space", "addresses": [ { "street": "1234 Rodeo Drive", "city": "Los Angeles", "country": "USA" } ] } 

But, in GraphQL, the client determines precisely the data it wants from the server....

We hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of its effect on large gatherings, PyCon 2020 was cancelled changed to an online event. Although not being able to gather in person was disheartening for organizers, speakers, and attendees, the Python community shared virtual high-fives and hugs with PyCon US 2020 Online. We recorded our planned Heroku workshop for the event, on which this blog post is based.

Casey Faist: Hi, I'm Casey Faist the queen Pythonista at Heroku and this is From Project to Productionized on Heroku. Now, I wish we could be together today. I wish we could be swapping stories and coding together. I wish we could...

This blog post is adapted from a discussion during an episode of our podcast, Code[ish].

Over the last twenty years, software development has advanced so rapidly that it's possible to create amazing user experiences, powerful machine learning algorithms, and memory efficient applications with incredible ease. But as the capabilities tech provides has changed, so too have the requirements of individual developers morphed to encompass a variety of skills. Not only should you be writing efficient code; you need to understand how that code communicates with all the other systems involved and make it all work together.

In this post, we'll explore how you can stay on top of the changing...

Text-based communication has a long history weaved into the evolution of the Internet, from IRC and XMPP to Slack and Discord. And where there have been humans, there have also been chatbots: scriptable programs that respond to a user’s commands, like messages in a chat room.

Chatbots don't require much in terms of computational power or disk storage, as they rely heavily on APIs to send actions and receive responses. But as with any kind of software, scaling them to support millions of user’s requests across the world requires a fail-safe operational strategy. Salesforce offers a Live Agent support product with a chatbot integration that reacts to customer inquiries.

In this post,...

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