Dataclips 2.0 – Unlock the value of your data

An organization's data is its most valuable asset. Unfortunately, that data is usually trapped inside a database with few ways to access it by a privileged handful of people. Too often reports are manually generated and their results pasted into emails; dashboards get built but rapidly become outdated and never answer the right questions.

We have so many great tools for collaborating around our source code, why is data still in the dark ages? At Heroku Postgres, we believe that your data should flow like water. Only the most up-to-date data should be available any time you have a decision to make. Instead of being trapped in disparate systems, you should be able to move data smoothly between development, staging, and production. It should flow across apps, between teams, and between services.

That’s why we built Dataclips, a tool for sharing live query results. Think of it as pastebin for SQL, or gist for your data. Each dataclip is a sharable handle to a live query and is available in a variety of formats.

Read more about the new version of Dataclips 2.0 over on the Heroku Postgres blog and how it can help you gain better insight into your data.

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