Postgres 9.2 – The Database You Helped Build

Hosting your data on one of the largest fleets of databases in the world comes with certain advantages. One of those benefits is that we can aggregate the collective pain points that face our users and work within the Postgres community to help find solutions to them.

In the previous year we worked very closely with the broader Postgres community to build features, fix bugs, and resolve pain points. You've already seen some of the results of that work in the form of extension support on Heroku and query cancellation. With the 9.2 release we're delighted to say that with your help, we've been able to bring you a whole host of new power and simplicity in your database.

Effective immediately, we're moving Postgres 9.2 into GA, which will become the new default shortly after. Postgres 9.2 is full of simplifications and new features that will make your life better, including:

  • Expressive new datatypes
  • New tools for getting deep insights into your database's performance
  • User interface improvements.

You can request a version 9.2 database from the command line like this:

heroku addons:add heroku-postgresql:dev --version=9.2

Get started by provisioning one today or read more about the many great features now available in Postgres 9.2 over on the Heroku Postgres blog

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